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About Premo

Converse the ideas and discover the best.

Let me know you and together we discuss the best for you!

Our Passion is what Drives Us…

What we choose is what makes us,
when it’s our interest driving us, we simply are enjoying the ride of life. Isn’t it?

A wish to Enhance

An initiative to let the world know about the shining stars!

A tale of a star can rekindle an aspiration. It certainly did to me!

Rise, Create and Perform

Believe in Yourself and the Beauty of your Dreams!
My training and workshops are an extension of hilarious mistakes and successful efforts.

Where I scribble and babble

My blog seeks to let you know me more.
It’s the place I talk about
my life, my favorites, my pals and my inspirations…

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For Me

You can now contact me anytime and anywhere.

"Life is all about grasping the best opportunity before you watch others reaping success from it."

Current Engagements

  • Let’s make your journey to college easier

  • Get trained in e-marketing in the hands of experts

  • Basking under the heavenly social media Sun

  • Let the Masters of Search take care of You

  • Providing everything you need for your website…

Recent Updates

  • Speaking on Evolving Social media

    Speaking on Social Media Trends
    June 23rd 2012

  • At IIPM Institute
    July 3rd 2012

  • IBS Kolkata
    April 23rd 2012

  • Speaking at CA Study Circle

  • Premo's overall engagement and enthusiasm has helped him and the company move forward. I've always enjoyed doing business with Premo and will keep on doing business with him in the future :-)

    Dennis Beentjes

  • At IIPM addressing students
    July 3rd 2012

  • Premo and is team have been an invaluable asset to my business, my team and our services over the last 3 years. With a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of marketing, a drive to succeed and immeasurable work ethic, he is sure to help your firm take its virtual presence to the next level!

    Cynthia G Peacock
    CEO, Biz Virtuoso, Inc
    NYC, US

  • Talking on Entrepreneurship, Calcutta Business School

    Talking on Entrepreneurship, Calcutta Business School
    Aug 23rd 2013

  • MBA Students, Calcutta Business School

    MBA Students, Calcutta Business School
    Aug 23rd 2013

  • Peter O'Hanlon, Kreative Team & Myself at Kreative Machinez Office

    Peter O'Hanlon, Kreative Team & Myself at Kreative Machinez Office
    Oct 14th 2013

  • With ACBM Kolkata Team at Hotel Niharika

    With ACBM Kolkata Team at Hotel Niharika
    Nov 5th 2013

  • With KM's Core Team Members for a Business Training Program at Camac Street
    Apr 12th 2014

  • Speaking on Evolving Social media

    Empowering students at iLead with Digital Power

Video Gallery


Eric Enge: The Technocrat with Matchless Digital Marketing Vision

Eric Enge, Stone Temple Consulting

Mr. Eric Enge is presently the President of Stone Temple Consulting, and has more than 30 years practice in technology trade. He started his career as a software engineer, but has been working in the arena of search engine optimization (SEO) since 2002. This search marketing industry genius has been in the technology trade since 1982 as a competent computer software engineer. He has chipped in with his roles as a tech startup originator, electrical engineer capped with a sound knowledge on Search Engine Optimization. He deftly juggles with the role he is assigned with every time. After devoting a successive number of years in software and hardware planning and co-founding, he has been the President of his own firm Stone Temple Consulting Corporation since January 1997.
He is not only a technological geek, Eric turned into a capitalist leading the industry, reaping greater benefits with the marketing efforts that he has put in. He is a prodigy with exceptional internet marketing training skills. He loves to experiment in the technical arena, but the major challenge he likes to embark upon is figuring out how to get a business to run at the topmost gear. He is a presenter at a number of events spread across globally.
Eric is one of the most productive contributors to the search advertising industry. More renowned for an exhaustive list of interviews with search industry like movers and shakers on Stone Temple, his popular columns at Search Engine Land, his research studies and Search Engine Watch. Eric is well known for his unrivaled writing expertise. He is the Co-Author of, “The Art of SEO”, along with Stephan Spencer , Jessie Stricchiola and Rand Fishkin.
Eric’s direct access to industry pioneers, as well as key search engine players, provides Stone Temple Consulting with an insight into a positive direction. It makes the esteemed company to be one of the most preferred companies in Massachusetts and California to do business with. This holistic internet marketing leader has completed his studies from University of Massachusetts, and is also the 1984 World Football Champion.

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